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About Me

Welcome to my Website! My name is Stacy and I am EXCITED to have you here. Why? Because Affiliate Marketing is THE easist, most fun way I know of to make money online, be your own boss and run any Online Business you want. I can’t wait to help you on your journey.

I get my kicks out of helping people

Sorry if that sounds a bit strange but I just really, really love to know that I have made a difference in people’s lives. Sometimes it is in little ways no one could probably even notice and other times it is in BIG ways like sharing website marketing strategies like I do here.

The goal of my site

The Affiliate Goddess will help you figure out how to build an online business for FREE. How does that sound? Right now, you can head over to the affiliate platform software I love so much, Wealthy Affiliate, set up an account, and start building WordPress websites for free. If you don’t know how to do that, they have exceptional training for beginners (that’s where I started!) and they will host your websites for FREE too! How cool is that?!

Well – what are you waiting for? Go there now!

To your enormous online success!

The Affiliate Goddess