4 Simple Steps to Succeed in Your Online Business

There are millions of people making millions of dollars online every day, every month, every year.

There is nothing new about making online, and nothing particularly special about anyone who is succeeding in their online business. There are however a few key things that will help make or break your Online Business.

If living the laptop lifestyle or working from home in your pajamas appeals to you, read on.

Making money online by building an online business is a growing trend in a world of cheap (or even free!) internet, easy access to technology and a huge library of free resources at your fingertips.

What I am trying to say, is it has never been easier to make money online.

Here are some areas you will need to nail if you want to be successful.

Be an Expert

Whatever your niche is (and it should, for example, be something you are interested in, a hobby you are good at, an area you are passionate about, and definitely something that other people are interested in too) – you need to be the very best that you can be in that area. Mediocrity doesn’t breed success and it won’t get you earning money online. If you are lucky, you may get a few sales through sheer luck but, unless you know everything you can about your niche AND apply it in your business, your efforts will get lost online.

To get ranked by Google (or Bing or Yahoo) your content has to be above average, interesting, helpful and have appropriate keywords. Anything less, and you will never make it onto Page 1 of any search engine which means the only people who will find you (and pay you!) will be people you know and promote to regularly offline – which means you really don’t have an online business.

Now, you don’t have to start out as an expert. Not many people do. But you do need to know where to find the right resources to help you on your way, hang out with experts who are willing to share their knowledge, and be willing to learn from everything because there is a lot to learn. Trust me. I started with no knowledge. The learning curve was steep! But it was fun too and I have gained a lot of satisfaction from improving the skills I used to build a successful online business.

Treat it Like a Business


If you are going to get anywhere, you need to treat your Online Business like a real business where you show up just like you would if it was a job. You know what time you start, what time your breaks are, and you know what time you finish. The people in your life know not to phone you or disturb you while you are at work, and you don’t hang out on social media while you are at work – unless social media is the core of your work.

When you show your online business and, more importantly, yourself, that you are taking making money online seriously, the real progress will have begun.


Overnight success doesn’t happen overnight. In some instances, it can take years of behind the scenes slogging away. In the case of your online business, your success could come within weeks or months. That is up to you. If you treat your online business like a real business and show up every day, get things done, and keep at it no matter what, you will succeed. The success of online marketing, affiliate marketing or any other kind of online presence where money can be made is cumulative. And once you get through the gates and make your first dollar online, the floodgates will open. By then, you will be an expert and know a hundred things you could have done differently that would have gotten you there faster but that’s okay! Making money online is a journey and the mishaps, tragedies and delays are all part of your success. They will all make you a stronger online marketer able to help others on their journey.

Associate With The Best

Whatever area you are working in to make an online income, please make sure you are associating and learning from the best in the industry. There is way too much noise out there where you could lose money, waste your time or worse, never get off the starting block. In the Affiliate Marketing arena, for example, Wealthy Affiliate are considered to be the No. 1 Affiliate Marketing Community. Even better, they are real people who will answer your questions any time of the day or night regardless of where in the world you are or what time zone you are in. They are not scammers hiding behind a computer. The co-founders, Kyle & Carson, make themselves very available to the community and genuinely want to help people at all levels of the online business world succeed. That’s people like you, me and hundreds of thousands of others.

You can create an account for free and check out their resources for as long as you like. Among other valuable resources, their Word Press website building is better than any other training I have ever tried. Kyle has created hundreds of videos and articles to help you get started if website building, SEO, domains and making money online is new for you.

To your enormous online success!

Starting a new business online doesn’t have to be difficult or risky. It is easier than setting up a new bricks and mortar business, that’s for sure! I have done both and can honestly say that they are both rewarding if you are in a field you love but building an actual business in the real world is much more expensive, challenging and expensive.

You can also reach online customers much more easily when you work online. Retail shopping is a trillion dollar sector and it is not hard for you to share in that. You just have to do it right and keep at it. Some basic website and online business marketing skills that you can learn for free with Wealthy Affiliates could well be all you need to get you there.

So check them out and get started immediately.

Fortune favors the bold!

If I can help anyway, just comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I am back from the beach.


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