Affiliate Mistakes – Avoid These to Make Money Faster

I  spent a few years wasting my time (and time is money!) looking around, toying here and there with various sites. But I thank my lucky stars for the day I finally came across Wealthy Affiliate. I don’t know how I didn’t find them sooner but I want to save you a whole lot of time.

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Mistakes to avoid

Here are some common mistakes people new to online marketing make. I won’t say I have made them all but I have seen them happen time and time again.

Build a website and the money will start flowing in

Nope, sorry, not going to happen. You can build the BEST website in the world but it is invisible until people actually start finding it. Your mom and your grandma don’t count (unless they have some major website ranking shortcuts). Getting found in Google, Yahoo or Bing doesn’t just happen because you have built your money making machine. It can take months, even years in some niches, to get seen. There are many paid ways to get traffic to your site and get it moving up the ranks to First Page but I don’t advise doing that unless you have a lot of experience in this area. Google adwords and other paid traffic tools are fantastic but you will just be throwing money down the drain if you don’t actually know how to use these tools to their full potential. You can be sure your competitors do so they will get the clicks over you. OUCH!

Hard Selling

Eventually when people do start seeing your website and all the amazing content you have created for their benefit, you will quickly lose them if your pages are too salesy. Internet Marketing can be so generic. YAWN. It’s like you see the same sales page over and over, just selling a different product. I don’t know about you, but I find that incredibly off-putting.

It can make you sound desperate and pushy. What you should rather be doing is providing readers with information they can really use, provide a service through your website, real value. In time this will lead to easy money coming in. But you have to be persistent, authentic and provide genuine value. If you don’t, you won’t get the sales or succeed in your affiliate marketing efforts. And that would just be sad.

Too Many Products

Be clear about what you are selling and why. If you have mutliple products to sell but they are from different niches, you will need to set up separate websites for each one. For example, if you sell weight loss products and also sell baby products, your target audience might be the same moms wanting to shed weight fast and needing goods for their babies. However, if you picture an actual Store, the weight loss products will not in the same section of the store as the baby products. That should be an easy way for you to keep in mind when you need to separate the products you all selling.

Not Enough Products

In the same way though, if all you are going to sell is baby teething rings and you pick one that you really like and believe in, you are going to have a hard time making a 5 figure income from online marketing if you are only marketing one very specific product. There may be 100 other teething rings new parents could pick. That already reduces your chances of even being seen, much less actually getting the sale. By having 10 products every new parent needs on your website, you will increase your profitability chances.

Not Knowing Your Products

And if you are never going to have children and don’t even like them, baby products really isn’t the market for you. You would think that would be obvious but it is easy to see other people making money in this niche because there are always babies and parents always need products for them. But the niche you decide to go into, must be one you are passionate and knowledgeable in. You can’t succeed in selling something you know little about and care for even less. That is just a recipe for disaster.

Giving Up

If you have a dream to make easy money online, follow that dream until it happens and then keep going! No one makes money in affiliate marketing overnight. It takes a lot of persistence, time and passion. You can do it and you will if you are hungry for it. But you have to stick with it day after day. Some will make their big money within a few months, for others it can take a year or two. So decide for yourself how long you are prepared to stick with it. If it is less than 3 months, I highly doubt you will get there. If it is 6 months or more, it is definitely possible! Then the longer you keep persevering, the more zero’s you will add to your affiliate pay cheques in time.

Here to Help

I hope this article has helped to inspire you. Affiliate Marketing is one of my passions and I love to help people just like you succeed because the end goal is worth it! The platform I have used to succeed is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is the platform I used to go from knowing nothing to making money online consistently and it was way easier than I thought it would be. Literally everything you need to find your niche, build your websites and get your business started is all right there. It is well worth checking out and the best part – you can get started for FREE! These guys have been in the business for over 15 years and they are amazing at sharing their knowledge.


To your enormous success!


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