Review of Jaaxy – is this the keyword research tool you should be using?

Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool, Product Overview


The first time I came across Jaaxy was when I started Affiliate Marketing (which makes sense since I wasn’t running an online business before).

Immediately I found it very user friendly. This was particularly important to me because I started as an absolute beginner and had a very steep learning curve. I needed everything to be easy to figure out at that point because I didn’t want to waste hours and hours with little progress to show for it.

The Good & The Bad

You can get a free account to get you started – that is great! You can have a play and try it out.

But what isn’t so great is that you get a limited number of searches on your free account. At the time of writing, you can do 30 keyword searches, 20 site lookups, 1 website analyzer, create 2 keyword lists and you can search affiliate program lookups.

This link will take you to a FREE version of Jaaxy.

You can also become a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and get Jaaxy thrown in for free. That’s what I did as the quickest route to setting up my online business fast.

This link will take you to a FREE version of Wealthy Affiliate
. From there you can decide if it is worth going Premium or not.


This may change over time, but here is a snapshot of current pricing in 2020 (if you don’t use Jaaxy through a Free or Premium Wealthy Affiliate account for whatever reason).

Getting Your Website Ranked

One thing I learned early on, is that using a sophisticated keyword research tool is ESSENTIAL to getting ranked in search engines. We all know you are all but invisible if you don’t make it to Page 1 of a search engine. It can take months, years or just never happen if your content isn’t found by search engines. Using Jaaxy has made that possible for me and thousands of others who have used this valuable tool.

Jaaxy search tool for affiliate marketers




Try Jaaxy Out

Well, don’t just take my word for it! You have nothing to lose by signing up for a free account. It is easy enough to give Jaaxy a go. Any time. Any where.

To your enormous online success!